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Evers Ale: "Made With Science and A Steady Hand"

IBU 19
Style Pale Ale
Source Minocqua, WI
Delivered from Minocqua Brewing Company

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Product Description

This Pale Ale is for our Governor, who, like the rest of us, has had a tough few years.

Not only did he have to protect us from Covid, he also had to keep our economy afloat…all while the Republican majority legislature did everything they could to stop him.

He worked with brilliant public health scientists and doctors at the University of Wisconsi- Madison to create the Badger Bounce Back Plan last April which laid out a path to slowly open the economy while keeping us all safe.

The Republicans sued him without a plan of their own and Wisconsin became a Covid Wild West—with the rest of the nation shaking its head in disbelief.

Evers pressed on, knowing he had to land his ship safely in spite of the wicked political storm that surrounded him.

We think Tony deserves a beer.